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About Us

At Binfer, we protect your data.

Binfer is a dynamic young startup focused on developing innovative products to manage, transfer, and share digital content. Binfer was created in response to the frustration most people encounter when sending large files via email and/or cloud-based services but also as a solution to the growing need of data privacy.

After countless iterations of prototyping, researching, and validating the ideas and concepts, we have finally developed a product that simply works.

Imran Ahmed

CEO & Founder

We are not data. We are not somebody’s ad campaign. We have the right to communicate and share without being exploited. Let’s not willingly give someone else complete custody of our data. Binfer is a much better way to communicate and share our confidential documents, photos and videos. We are giving you a better alternative. We hope you like what we built.

Our Story

Several years ago when my nephew was born, my sister would email me his pictures so that I can see him growing while being so far away.

The entire process of uploading and downloading attachments bothered me very much. I not only found the process to be cumbersome, I was extremely alarmed by the fact that all the private data was being held by someone else. It was governed by their terms, not mine!

I kept thinking of a better way. Something so simple that one person drops files at one end and they appear on the other. I wanted it to work across any device, any size files and anywhere in the world.

Since nothing like this existed and being a software developer by profession, I decided to build it myself.

We believe it is time to change the 40+ year old hub-and-spoke model of data sharing to the next generation of distributed and decentralized edge computing architecture.

If you are uploading your private and confidential documents just so that you can share them with others, we have a much better way for you.

Here’s how Binfer works: The sending device creates a dynamic VPN-type tunnel between the sending and receiving devices. It then transfers the data. Everything is encrypted by dynamically-generated session keys. Your messages and files are NEVER stored on our servers, EVER.

Today, personal users, professional, small businesses and some very large companies use our software to move both small and large files across the world.

Binfer has been listed as top 50 upcoming startups in Chicago. We have a long way to go and need your help. Please give us a try and most importantly tell us how we can improve it even more.