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Advanced Receive Options

When creating a Receive link, there are a variety of advanced options that may be used. Below is an overview of each one:


  • Combine Files: If this feature is enabled, files from different senders will be received in the same folder on the destination device. For example, if both John and Dagny send a file to Jason via the same Receive link, if ‘Combine Files’ is enabled, both files will be received in a single folder. If ‘Combine Files’ is not enabled, there will be a ‘John’ folder and a ‘Dagny’ folder created on Jason’s device.
  • Show Email input: If this feature is enabled, anyone that gets a Receive link will be required to type in their Name or Email Address before sending any files. This will help the creator of the Receive link more easily identify senders.  Within the Binfer 6 activity inbox, the files will be linked to the sender’s name or email address. If this button is not checked, the sender will show up as an IP Address instead.
  • Show Comment Input: If this feature is enabled, those who open a Receive link have the option to write message in plain text back to the Receive link creator. This message can be viewed by the Receive link creator in the activity Inbox.
  • Preserve Timestamp: This feature preserves the “Date Last Modified” and “Date Created” on all transferred files. NOTE – This option only works when a Receive link recipient uses the Binfer Portable App to upload files. Timestamps will NOT be preserved when uploading using the web browser option.
  • Set Password: This allows you to password protect all links, requiring any link recipients to input a password you create prior to being able to download files.